27th March 2017

My year at KRPR Charlotte Tuohy

Well, where to start? It has been one mighty year here at KRPR filled with award-winning campaigns and ample media relations across a whole range of clients, but how did I get here?

Just to fill you in, (in brief!) I’ve come from a journalism background working proudly for local North West papers. Following the camaraderie in the newsroom I was offered an opportunity in the Middle East that combined both journalism and fashion and beauty PR. Once the stifling heat got too much to bear, I happily returned to the UK and entered into my most exciting role yet, joining the team at KRPR as a junior account manager.

This was my chance to immerse myself in all aspects of the wide selection of clients KRPR had to offer across all sectors including hospitality, food, lifestyle, construction and digital marketing. And after getting to know the team over endless yet obligatory brew rounds, I was ready to put my skills into action.

We have a fantastic way of working here at the agency and some fabulous brands including (yes, I’m about to proudly namedrop) the almighty Addo Food Group, one of the UK’s leading food manufacturers who produce some of the most traditional and innovative food products in the market. Together we work hard to ensure brands under the Addo umbrella such as Pork Farms and Too Good To Be Gluten Free gain all tiers of coverage as well as execute their cleverly created annual campaigns.

Including big players of the food industry, it’s a pleasure to service the giant that is, Fat Media. A Lancaster based digital marketing agency that provides more website builds and re-branding designs than you can shake a stick at! I help the team in gaining strong media coverage for Fat Media while offering insightful comments to leading industry features from Fat Media’s account directors to lead UX designers (I’ve even picked on some digital and designer lingo *updates CV)

Don’t be fooled, this job certainly doesn’t have you chained to a desk with a time sheet, our days out on the road are vast and a fantastic way to watch the nation, both consumers and media, engage in our clients product launches and awareness campaigns.

When I’m not gallivanting across the country and greeting top journalists at the Good Housekeeping Institute in London for a new product launch I’m sat here at my insanely messy desk (studies have shown a messy desk shows strong creativity in a person!). Along with proud moments and heavy servicing of our wonderful clients in all aspects of PR, social media and strategy development, there have been some great and funny moments that I’d like to share with you:

Introducing Charlotte’s annual banter best bits:

• Being on a week-long cross country campaign with three other women singing “Your The Voice” by John Farnham at the top of our lungs when we reached the height of our delirium on the Thursday
• Watching my colleague Oliver enjoy the biggest laugh of his life when I accidentally put mouldy milk in my brew and proceeded to drink it
• Booking possibly the worst seaside resort hotel for the team while at an awards ceremony and subjecting them to a night in what seemed like the film set of “The Shining”
• Being wrapped in flag bunting so tightly by my work wife Luisa for a picture opportunity, I feared I’d permanently be the mascot for every future Women’s Institute meeting in England – I couldn’t get out!

Hopefully you’ve made it to the end of my blog and for all those who still wonder, what exactly is PR? I’ll leave with some wise words from my idol, the frantically brilliant Edina Monsoon from Absolutely Fabulous:

Want to know even more about what we do here or fancy joining our team? Give Kara a shout on 01257 262504 or email kara@kr-pr.co.uk