29th March 2018

My week at KRPR – Georgia Robertson

Well, first of all a massive thanks to Kara and the team for welcoming me in for the week.

I can honestly say I’ve had the best week at KRPR! Naturally, the initial thought of doing work placement is that you’ll be doing the rubbish jobs that don’t actually help you, or you just become the glorified brew maker. Thankfully, my experience has been the polar opposite! After my first day I came home buzzing and was excited to get my teeth stuck in for the rest of my time here.

Quickly I’ll explain a little background on me. I’m currently working towards completing my Journalism degree at Sheffield Hallam University in May and graduate (eek!) at the end of this year.

PR is a small aspect of my course which I have been able to get a feel for over the past couple of years, but I was really excited to start the placement with KRPR to see what working in the industry was really like, and it’s been an honour to work alongside an award-winning team.

Throughout the week I have immersed myself into a range of aspects of what KRPR do; drafting press releases, creating social plans, writing blogs, researching new business opportunities… the list goes on and I’m so pleased I’ve been given the freedom and guidance by the team to do so.

It’s been a short but sweet week and I’m now more certain than ever about wanting to pursue a career in PR once I finish my degree. I’ve come away from this week having gained valuable skills I can take with me for the future, and had fun whilst doing so. It’s amazing how quickly an eight hour day goes when you’re enjoying what you do!

I’m so gutted the week has come to an end but it’s been an invaluable experience I won’t forget, thanks guys!